“Enriching peoples lives through the use of nature, health, and horsemanship”
Hope Retreat Ranch recieved it's 501c3 non-profit certification in August 2013 and we have been constantly growing ever since. We don't have anyone on payroll and survive 100% on our volunteers and donations. Meaning.... YOU are very important to us!
Thank you so much for your time, your financial contributions, and your support. 
Meet the Volunteers
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Meet The Horses
  1. Cupid
    Cupid gives kisses!
  2. Stetson
    Stetson is a studly horse!
  3. Princess
    Princess is the queen of the ranch.
  4. Bubba
    Bubba is our star out at the ranch!
  5. Lily
    Lily has a beautiful mane of hair that can look like Elsa.
  6. Snickers
    Snickers is a delicious horsey!
  7. Misty
    Misty is a sweet horse.
  8. Rox
    Rox is a darling horse.
  9. Blazer
    Blazer is fast as lightning!
Meet The Board
  1. Walter & Janet Deen
    Walter & Janet Deen
    Walter Deen started this 501C3 non-profit and steers us in the right direction.
  2. Jason & Brandi Watts
    Jason & Brandi Watts
    Jason is the Operations Director and Brandi is the director of Equine-Riding. We are very blessed to have them on our team.
  3. Brian & Dana Wagoner
    Brian & Dana Wagoner
    Brian and Dana ae active in making HR a great place for the whole family.